Welcome to The Link Up podcast! Salesforce is a powerful platform that offers a wide variety of products and features. The Link Up is dedicated to guiding you towards Salesforce greatness by explaining the best practices and topics you need to pay attention to during your Salesforce journey. 

In this episode titled “Data Model Calibration”, we dive into the world of Salesforce data with our guests, Marketing Automation Consultant Imke Melis and Functional Consultant Arnaud Lageirse. Your ever-enthusiastic host, Sophie Saia, will lead you through a conversation on the critical importance of data quality in achieving successful Salesforce implementations. 

The relevance of Salesforce  

Our experts start by discussing how the need for a marketing automation tool, like Salesforce, arises. Many companies are flooded with massive amounts of data yet lack a clear understanding of how to harness its potential. Imke and Arnaud share valuable insights into how various Salesforce Clouds, either individually or in combination, can provide a solution to this common challenge.  

Obtaining and maintaining data quality 

High-quality data forms the cornerstone of building strong relationships with your clients and prospects. Our guests reveal best practices for enhancing data quality through processes like deduplication and validation rules, ensuring your Salesforce data is accurate and reliable. 

Building a 360° view 

Our experts conclude by shedding light on the concept of establishing a comprehensive 360° view of your clients and prospects across various channels. Many business departments, including sales, marketing, support, service, call centers, and management, can all benefit significantly from Salesforce’s 360° views. We’ll provide you with tips on how to get the most out of your Salesforce setup.  

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