Welcome to The Link Up podcast! Salesforce is a powerful platform that offers a wide variety of products and features. The Link Up is dedicated to guiding you towards Salesforce greatness by explaining the best practices and topics you need to pay attention to during your Salesforce journey. 

In this episode titled “Navigating the Salesforce Maze”, we dive into the world of Salesforce with our guests, Salesforce Developer Mathieu Astaes and Salesforce Consultant & Business Analyst Sébastien Robeyns, hosted by the ever-enthusiastic Sophie Saia. They’ll explore the complex infrastructure of Salesforce and provide tips and strategies for successfully navigating it.  

Salesforce products & roadmaps 

Our experts begin by discussing the various Salesforce products and potential Salesforce roadmaps. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming for businesses to find the best fit for their needs. Our guests share valuable insights and practical advice on how to identify the right solutions and create a successful roadmap for your Salesforce implementation. 

Salesforce customization 

Customization is a key aspect of Salesforce, allowing you to tailor the platform to suit your specific requirements. Mathieu and Sébastien delve into the importance of customization and share easy tips and tricks to help you personalize Salesforce to maximize its potential for your organization.  

Salesforce data model 

The Salesforce data model is another crucial aspect covered in this episode. Understanding the data model is essential for effective data management and analysis, but it can present challenges. Our experts offer guidance on how to tackle potential challenges with practical solutions. 

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