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Salesforce Clouds

When it comes to integrating data from across your organization to create real-time customer magic, Salesforce is the world’s number 1 choice. And Customer Link is your best choice as your Salesforce partner.


Salesforce turns data into real-time customer magic

The Salesforce CRM platform effortlessly brings customer information together, turning it into meaningful insights. These empower your organization to deliver an improved customer experience that generates more sales and revenue.

Einstein AI

Welcome to the future, where AI enhances every aspect of your CRM. Unlock new levels of productivity, streamline workflows, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences with the power of AI.

Sales Cloud

The online sales toolkit optimizes every phase of your sales funnel, efficiently managing your potential and existing customers as well as providing real-time and high-quality information to support your decision-making progress.

Service Cloud

Depending on your exact needs, Salesforce can help you offer more personalized and efficient customer service. We can even solve customer service cases faster by stitching voice — the most popular channel — with your digital channels using Service Cloud Voice.

Customer experience Cloud

Salesforce maximizes your customers’ satisfaction, driving positive customer relationships and generating new streams of revenue.