Welcome to The Link Up podcast! Salesforce is a powerful platform that offers a wide variety of products and features. The Link Up is a dedicated podcast that guides you towards Salesforce greatness by explaining the best practices and topics you need to pay attention to during your Salesforce journey. 

In this episode titled “Mastering Salesforce Integrations”, Pieter Sannen, Salesforce Solution Architect at Customer Link, and Pieter Jacobs, Enterprise Architect at Hyperion Group, dive into the world of integrating Salesforce with other systems. Discover expert insights and best practices to unleash the full potential of Salesforce thanks to seamless integrations with diverse tools and systems. 

Mastering Salesforce integration challenges

Integrating Salesforce with other systems opens up many possibilities, but it’s not without challenges. Our experts delve into the most common questions clients ask facing their integrations and shed light on the focus points to ensure this process succeeds.

Exploring captivating integration examples

Salesforce’s dedication to facilitating simple and secure integrations sets the stage for a discussion on common integration types. Additionally, our experts showcase intriguing examples of client integrations, offering a glimpse into the innovative and impactful ways businesses are leveraging these connections to transform their customer relationships.

Successful integration strategies

Each integration journey is unique. Our guests share their most important advice and highlight key questions to consider when starting an integration journey. Moreover, they’ll discuss the vital aspects of ensuring security and maintaining data quality throughout the integration process, empowering organizations to navigate these critical elements effectively.  

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