Integrating Companyweb’s app with Salesforce’s Leads and Accounts will allow you to get some of that sweet ‘data-enrichment’ everybody’s talking about

CompanyWeb specializes in providing current and accurate company information in Belgium. They'll help you get to know your customers better by revealing their financial and legal standing. Their targeted prospecting services enable you to select online prospecting databases based on region, activity, creditworthiness, and more. In short, they'll help you answer two crucial questions when doing business: how to know whom you're dealing with and who you shouldn't be dealing with!  

Doing what we do best; linking differently with your customers 

As you know, Customer Link is the definition of 'nomen est omen'; what you see is what you get. As long-time Salesforce partners, our knowledge and applicative skill with the platforms goes without saying. And yet. The platform is only the tool, and how it's installed and wielded by its users will define how effectively you will link with your customers.  

That's precisely why this match-up makes a ridiculous amount of sense. Companyweb's core business provides crucial information about your (future) customers and business contacts. Together we'll make your life easier with the Companyweb Salesforce app. 

Here comes the scary part; why you should always check to see who you’re doing business with  

Companyweb provides insights into the risk, survival chances, payment capacity, profitability, stability, and other critical factors of all Belgian companies. What it basically does is ensure you against trouble. Not yet convinced? Let's look at a realistic example:  

"Say you're about do business with an unreliable or fraudulent company that may not pay their invoices on time (or at all – can you imagine?). This means you'll lose valuable time and money chasing unpaid invoices while missing out on opportunities to find new customers, suppliers, or partners that do match your criteria and needs.   

Hell, you might not even get this far. Suppose you know a company consistently fails to comply with legal obligations or regulations regarding company data and reporting. In that case, you're bound to get constricted into a legal struggle before your first invoice is even out the door. And frankly, that’s something everybody can do without! (We love you legal, please don’t read this and sue us!) 

Listen, if the “insurance brokers’ approach didn’t do it for you, we’ve got some more juicy data-enrichment-benefits that’ll draw you over the line. We’ll keep it short and sweet and zoom in on what we consider to be the four biggest contributors:  

1: Starting off with a simple yet effective one: reduced manual data entry. With the Companyweb Salesforce app, users can automate the process of data enrichment, reducing the need for manual data entry and saving time and resources. 

2: Perhaps something a little more advanced? Increased accuracy and completeness of data: By enriching existing data with additional information, such as company size, revenue, and industry classification, the data becomes more accurate and complete. This will improve the quality of sales and marketing campaigns.  

3: Like for instance, enhanced account-based marketing: By enriching data with information about a company's products, services, and target audience, sales and marketing teams can create more targeted and personalized account-based marketing campaigns. 

4: Leading to? Better insights and reporting: Enriched data can provide insights into market trends, customer behavior, and sales performance, which can inform strategic decision-making and improve reporting. "Cause remember kids: “Crappy data leads to crappy results! " 

Overall, data enrichment with Companyweb will improve the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of your data in Salesforce, leading to a better outcome and a good nights’ rest! (Overselling it? Or no?)  

An easy-to-use integration that will save you time - and possibly some headaches in the future.  

So, how does this integration work? With Companyweb's Salesforce app, you can access the up-to-date financial information of Belgian companies. Add a VAT number to a lead or account, and you're good to go! No VAT number at hand? No worries! With the convenient search bar, you can easily find the company you're looking for.  
You can also easily copy the details into your Salesforce fields with just a few clicks. And once the connection between Companyweb and your database is made, new leads and accounts with a VAT number will automatically have their company information filled in. Talk about convenience, baby!  

“Now, where can I get this convenient app?” We got you!  

The application is not yet available on Salesforce AppExchange. But don’t worry, we’ll make it so you can say you got it before it was cool. Check out our download guide below and start supercharging your database today with enriched company data.

Get it now: Salesforce integrates with Companyweb