How we updated Cinionic's phone-based service using Salesforce Voice and helped digitalize and automate marketing, sales, and service processes

These days, it’s no longer just about technology. It’s about experiences – WOW experiences. Cinionic fields a team of cinema and technology experts from around the globe who help you in creating surprising experiences.

International player Cinionic allows exhibitors to create unforgettable cinema experiences in various locations – from lobbies to auditoriums. They have expertise in over 8,000 projectors and offer support ranging from technical to full-service. Plus, they make all of this possible with the help of flexible financing options to get the cinema experience you want without breaking the bank. Oh – and lasers. Let’s not forget about the lasers.

A good scenario always starts with a 'Meet Cute', right?

Cionic was already using Salesforce but was looking for a better integration with their telephony system as they found that Unify wasn't cutting it anymore. So, they went looking for the ideal partner to continue their story. Customer Link heard the call and answered it. Once we got over the giddiness of working with a cinema-experience provider that uses friggin laser beams. We saw that opting for Salesforce Voice might be the right choice.

Voilà, opening act done – time for the character backstory:  

“As long-time Salesforce partners, our knowledge and applicative skill with the platforms go without saying. And yet. The platform is only the tool, and how it's installed and wielded by its users will define how effectively you will link with your customers. That's precisely why Customer Link goes beyond implementation and optimization to see where the crux lies that will change how their clients link to their customers.“

We must get to the bottom of Cinionic's challenges? To the lab, quickly!

Customer Link has been working with Cinionic since the spring of ‘21 to create an in-depth project approach. We needed to understand Cinionic’s business and the reason behind their wish for the new telephony solution, Salesforce Voice. So, the first thing we did was slap on our white coats and lab goggles and organized various discovery workshops.   

In these exploratory sessions, we pieced together a data model and crafted the most important user stories. Then, like a beam of light hitting a prism, we broke these stories into three sprints, ensuring each had its own set of user stories. After approval from the client, we got to work. Developing and testing the stories until they were ready to go. We then distilled some 100% grade-A Salesforce solutions.

- “Our hero then realizes all of this couldn’t possibly be orchestrated by one man, one organization and asks: “Who are your accomplices?””

The attentive cinemagoers no doubt already picked up on this, but we’ve been going beyond Salesforce implementation for years – years we say! (Cue the evil laughter

With the help of Salesforce Voice and Salesforce Omnichannel, we were able to design a system specifically tailored to Cinionic’s needs.

Salesforce Voice is a cloud-based contact center solution that enables organizations to provide omnichannel customer support. Voice includes features that allow businesses to manage customer conversations across multiple channels, including phone, chat, and email. It also offers analytics and reporting tools that enable businesses to measure performance, customer satisfaction, and customer experience.

Voice offers advanced features such as automated call routing and call center management, giving customers a more personalized customer service experience. This tool also works with various voice-enabled devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing businesses to integrate their contact centers with these devices.

An omnichannel customer support strategy is necessary as the modern consumer wants to choose their own path using a combination of different channels. If a customer finds that a brand is not accessible through their favorite channel, this will harm their experience.

In an omnichannel call center, clients will be contacted through their preferred means of communication: email, social media, phone calls, live chat, or anything else. With Salesforce, you can integrate these channels into one CRM and offer every consumer a seamless experience. That’s efficient.

- “Alright, this is the part of the movie where the villain goes off into an unprompted monologue, revealing all their ingenuity.”

Remember our set of user stories? Thanks to these defined user stories, we were able to set up several contact flows in English and Spanish that allowed for both self-service and interactive support. Through the self-service part of the system, callers can access important information like tracking numbers, carrier information, estimated time of arrival, and status of their case(s). For those who need to talk to an agent, the interactive part of the system provides the support they need.

Customer Link also integrated Cinionic's Salesforce Omnichannel with an interactive contact flow, so the support team can quickly spot incoming calls. When the call is answered, automatic processes kick into gear - like case creation, caller recognition to make sure they're connected to the right contact, and even call recording and transcription. Plus, skill-based routing is set up, so callers get to the most knowledgeable support agent available.

Because Cinionic offers 24/7 support, we set up a clear forwarding flow to make sure that all calls after business hours are answered by a support team member. To help the supervisors, we implemented several new tools and monitoring options out of the box. With the ability to track workload, change queues, listen in, take over calls, and gain insight into the performance of each team member, the supervisor has more control than ever.

Finally, Customer Link trained Cinionic's entire support team in Salesforce Voice. To make sure they're prepared for any situation, we also gave a crash course in Salesforce and Amazon admin, so they can make any small tweaks on their own.

Turn on the happy piano music and watch the credits roll

Things sure are different now at Cinionic headquarters. Customer Link was able to set up a wide range of shiny, new tools like self-service and interactive support, an interactive contact flow, automatic processes, skill-based routing, clear forwarding flow, monitoring options and much more. This was an amazing, productive collaboration and we are very proud of the results!

Does the idea of more digitalized, automated marketing, sales and service processes give you butterflies in the stomach too? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and together we can look for the ultimate solution that will make your organization thrive.

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