A Collaborative Journey with Carrefour Finance to Redefine Financial Engagement 

For three decades, Carrefour Finance (Fimaser NV), a vital Carrefour Group subsidiary, has championed diverse financial solutions, aligning with the group's ethics of accessible, advantageous offerings. Operating within Carrefour hypermarkets, online platforms, and a dedicated call center, they prioritized customer accessibility with a focus on customer engagement. 

Navigating Untamed Data Trails

Seeking to untangle from a shared system with Buyway, Carrefour Finance sought Customer Link's aid. Their goal? To liberate themselves from shared databases and, in partnership with Customer Link, transition to a tailored Salesforce platform. This move aimed to redefine customer engagement, fostering independence and operational efficiency aligned with their vision. 

Discovery Camps and Refinement Expeditions 

Customer Link guided Carrefour Finance through a transformative journey employing a Controlled Agile Methodology, and the journey began with comprehensive discovery workshops. These sessions delved deep into understanding Carrefour Finance's current systems, operational processes, and their envisioned future state. This journey mapped the way from the 'as-is' to the 'to-be' situation, as complicated as following a lion's paw prints in the savanna. 

Subsequently, a Refinement Expedition outlined the requirements for their envisioned state, crafting intricate user stories. This phase unveiled that Salesforce Service Cloud Voice was the beacon guiding Carrefour Finance through its wilderness – talk about finding the right “roar” for success! 

Sprint Cycle Safari and Integration Oases 

The implementation phase was executed over three sprint cycles to optimize customer engagement. Each cycle was meticulously structured, incorporating demo sessions, sprint testing, and a dedicated focus on key components: 

Optimized Omnichannel Experience: This integration unlocked a new level of customer insight, paving the way for increased purchase opportunities, heightened customer satisfaction, enhanced staff productivity, and cost efficiencies, effectively setting Carrefour Finance apart in the competitive landscape. 
Multi-language Contact Flows: Tenfold expansion of contact flows in Dutch and French, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience for their diverse clientele. 
Holistic Customer View: A 360° view of customer interactions during calls, empowering representatives with comprehensive client information in real-time, essential for survival in the safari of customer service. 
Integration of Amazon Connect with Voice Service Cloud: Seamlessly integrating Amazon Connect into Salesforce Service Cloud Voice brought together voice conversations, digital channels, and CRM data, revolutionizing Carrefour Finance's contact center capabilities. 

Before the go-live, thorough testing ensured a high-quality test phase, similar to ensuring a well-equipped safari expedition with minimal bugs. October 4 marked the celebratory highlight of the expedition, with the full Carrefour Finance team, stakeholders, and participants rejoicing in the successful completion. 

After the go-live expedition, we’ve also provided another 4 weeks of hypercare, a resting oasis providing user support at short notice.

Pioneering into the Future Savannah 

Our partnership with Carrefour Finance continues to evolve, as we’re currently committed to integrating Einstein AI with standard functionalities. This forward-looking initiative, slated for implementation in 2024, aims to revolutionize Carrefour Finance's capabilities. 

Moreover, on the immediate horizon, we are set to introduce custom reports and dashboards. These tools will provide Carrefour Finance with hands-on, actionable insights. These tailored data analytics will offer a comprehensive view of their operations, customer interactions, and performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making and agile responses to market trends. 

At Customer Link, we're thrilled to have joined forces with Carrefour Finance on this safari through digital transformation. Together, we've navigated untamed data trails, crafted refined strategies, and integrated Salesforce solutions, transforming their customer engagement landscape. 

Just like we've led Carrefour Finance to redefine their customer engagement and operational efficiency, we're ready to guide you through your own transformative journey. Contact us today if you're eager to unleash the power of collaboration and innovation. 

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