Cinionic is an international player who enables exhibitors to create cinema experiences in different locations. From a lobby to auditoriums, Cinionic shares their expertise and looks at financing options together with their client. They offer support for more than 8000 projectors, which varies from technical support to full-service support.  

To help them digitalize and automate their marketing, sales and service processes, Cinionic wanted to switch to Salesforce. Why? Cinionic was using Unify as a telephony solution, which didn’t allow a seamless integration within their current IT landscape. Salesforce Voice, on the other hand, did meet this requirement and was therefore the perfect solution! 

Getting to know users and their needs

Customer Link connected with Cinionic in the spring of 2021 and worked through an in-depth project approach since then. We started our cooperation with discovery workshops to truly understand Cinionic’s business as well as their demands for their new telephony solution, Salesforce Voice.   

In these workshops we defined the data model as well as the most important user stories. We then split those stories into three sprints. After defining the user stories for each sprint, we worked with a project flow where user stories got approved by the client, developed by us, and were ready for testing. 

Thanks to these defined user stories, we were able to set up several contact flows in English and Spanish, including: 

- a self-service part where the caller can move along the interactive voice response system themselves and get to important information like tracking numbers, carrier information, estimated time of arrival, status of their case(s), etc. 

- an interactive part where the caller can talk directly to an agent. 

Integration into Salesforce Omnichannel

Customer Link incorporated the interactive contact flow into Cinionic’s Salesforce Omnichannel so the support team can see calls coming in. Answering the call then triggers automatic processes such as: case creation, caller recognition to match it to the right contact, call recording and transcription, etc. We made sure skill-based routing was also set up so a caller will be transferred to the most skilled support agent available.  

Since Cinionic offers 24/7 support, it is important that outside of business hours all calls are forwarded to a support team member. Therefore, we ensured a clear forwarding flow so that business or calls would not be lost from one day to the next. 

In addition, we set up several monitoring options to help the support team supervisor(s). These options included seeing workload, a take-over of a call when needed, read into the call transcriptions and performance insights for each of their team members. 

Last but not least, Customer Link also trained Cinionic’s complete support team as Salesforce Voice end users. Additionally, we guided a select group through the admin side of Salesforce and Amazon so that they are able to make minor adjustments themselves. 

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