Discover how the latest updates can revolutionize your workflow and enhance customer interactions. 

It's that time of the year again, and the Salesforce Summer 2024 Release is here! Our experts Aïman and Bram went through the new features and picked out the top five highlights just for you. These updates are set to revolutionize the way you work with Salesforce, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations. Let’s dive into the details! 

1. Automation Lightning App 

"Imagine having all your flows in one place, easily accessible and manageable," says Aïman. The Automation Lightning App is a game-changer for flow admins and users. Now, you can view and monitor your flows in one centralized hub. From this app, you can create new flows or open any existing ones you have permission to access in Flow Builder. 

With new list views, you can see your most recently modified flows and those with errors. Plus, searching for flows by keyword, filtering, and sorting by various criteria makes managing your automation processes a breeze. This app truly centralizes automation management, providing a hub for flows, error handling, and community links. 

2. Answer Questions with Knowledge Copilot 

Customer service just got a whole lot smarter with the Answer Questions with Knowledge Copilot feature. When a customer asks your bot a question that doesn’t match an existing dialog, the copilot action springs into action. It searches your knowledge articles for relevant information and generates an AI-driven response. 

"This is a game-changer for customer interactions," Bram explains. "The bot can now provide accurate, conversational answers instantly, enhancing the overall customer experience." 

By integrating this feature, you can ensure that your customers receive timely and precise answers, improving satisfaction and engagement. 

3. Lightning App Builder 

"Customizing your user interface has never been more intuitive," Bram says. The Lightning App Builder now allows you to customize tab visibility according to your business needs. You can set conditions to dynamically show or hide individual tabs in the Tabs component, and this change applies to tabs on LWC-enabled record pages. 

This feature enables you to create a more tailored and efficient user experience, ensuring that users only see the tabs relevant to their tasks. 

4. Scratch Org Snapshots 

Setting up scratch orgs can be a manual and time-consuming task, but not anymore! Scratch Org Snapshots allow you to capture a snapshot of a scratch org’s configuration at a specific moment in time. "This feature streamlines the process of replicating specific setups," notes Aïman. 

These snapshots can be used to replicate the same configuration in other scratch orgs, boosting efficiency by reducing the need for repetitive manual configurations. It's a huge time-saver and makes managing project dependencies much easier. 

5. Einstein Copilot 

We’ve already talked about this feature before in our blog about the power of Einstein GPT, but Einstein Copilot is finally generally available! It uses AI algorithms to generate accurate recommendations and content tailored to specific tasks, such as building digital storefronts, drafting custom code, creating data visualizations, or guiding sales associates through deal closures.  

“This tool will empower companies to build smarter, more efficient apps that deliver real value to employees and customers alike!” Aïman explains about Einstein Copilot.  


As we wrap up our overview of the Salesforce Summer 2024 Release, it's clear that these new features are set to transform your workflow and elevate your customer interactions. From the centralized Automation Lightning App to the intelligent Knowledge Copilot, the efficient Scratch Org Snapshots, the customizable Lightning App Builder, and the powerful Einstein Copilot, there's something for every Salesforce user to enhance their productivity and effectiveness. 

With Salesforce focusing on AI in their latest releases, now is the perfect time to upgrade your CRM capabilities. Need a partner who knows AI inside and out? Contact us today, and let our experts help you harness the full potential of these powerful features. Get in touch!