Cycle Valley, the answer to Belgium's traffic jams

Cycle Valley offers an answer to a widely known problem: the immense kilometers of traffic jams in Belgium. Cycle Valley wants to inspire companies and employees to lease company bicycles. They provide an all-in service for both leasing and maintenance and insurance. By investing in (electric) bicycles they contribute to everyone’s ecological footprint and at the same time provide the same high level of service as you would with leasing a company car.

The limited number of current players in the market ensured nice growth for the start-up. Cycle Valley turned to Customer Link and Salesforce to provide maximum support for this growth and to become an established player in bike leasing. A switch from tools such as Microsoft Access and Teamleader to the all-in solutions from Salesforce, including an extensive self-service online portal, was a step that had to be taken.

Total Solution: Salesforce’s Sales Cloud & Experience Cloud provided automated and optimized processes

Cycle Valley is a unique company with a wonderful DNA. The employees were working with Microsoft Access and Teamleader. A good fit for the early stages of a start-up, but a combination that no longer provided the right answer to Cycle Valley’s growth challenges. At that point Salesforce offered the best solution.

For Cycle Valley the following elements were important: an automation of their order processes and an online self-service portal where their 3 stakeholders can easily find their way. Salesforce’s Experience Cloud ensures that every bike shop, every cyclist, and every employer now have a personalized environment where all relevant information is bundled. The many documents needed in the process and Cycle Valley can thus be easily uploaded and accessed while Cycle Valley is notified in real-time. By putting the management of one’s own data, the simulation of the lease budget, the management of relevant documents and the viewing of the status of your process in the hands of every stakeholder, Cycle Valley can not only provide a high-level service level to its customers. Because of the efficiency gains on the Cycle Valley side in administration and follow-up, Cycle Valley can further answer the current growth trend with the existing team!

As their implementation partner, Customer Link worked as follows:

- Functional workshops where we zoomed in on Cycle Valley’s processes and together shaped the automated solutions.

- Sprint 1 involving Sales Cloud (the CRM part)

- Sprint 2 setting up the Experience Cloud (the online portal site) where document sharings, a store locator and lease budget calculator were the biggest focus.

- Sprint 3 the final data migration from Microsoft Access and Teamleader to Salesforce.

Salesforce’s customer 360° offer a solution for every challenge

By combining 2 Salesforce Cloud products we provide a total solution for Cycle Valley. A total solution that can grow along with the needs this scale-up will keep encountering over time.