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Salesforce Training & Support

Even after a project is done, you need a local partner for questions, adjustments, or improvements. Making good support agreements in good times is a precondition for a successful partnership. Thanks to our training, support, and maintenance options, we’ve got you covered.

Training Options - Empowering Every User

Training for End-Users

Dive deep into the Salesforce interface with our end-user training to help your team master day-to-day tasks and leverage Salesforce's unique power to enhance productivity. This hands-on approach ensures every team member can confidently navigate and utilize Salesforce, turning daily operations into opportunities.

Training for Administrators

Elevate your in-house Salesforce expertise with our administrator training. This program empowers your team to manage the platform effectively and efficiently within your Salesforce environment.

Support Options - Your Safety Net for Any Scenario

Complete Package

Opt for our full support package and receive comprehensive assistance throughout your business hours and beyond, with 24/7 coverage. Our experts are on standby to address any issues, ensuring your Salesforce operations always run smoothly.

Basic Package

Choose our basic package for essential support during business hours. It’s the perfect fit for organizations that need reliable backup without around-the-clock coverage.


Why go for our Training & Support program?

Choose Customer Link for a tailored approach to Salesforce training and support, ensuring your platform evolves alongside your business with expert guidance every step of the way. Here’s why our program is essential for your company's success:

Continuity ensured

By providing tailored training after go-live, combined with a suitable support package, we transition smoothly from the project to the support phase.

Specialized Skills

Our focused training for both end-users and administrators ensures that every team member can fully leverage Salesforce to drive your business forward.

Personalized Care

We offer a spectrum of support, from comprehensive 24/7 coverage to essential business-hour assistance, adaptable to your company's unique rhythm.