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Salesforce Implementation

At Customer Link, our passionate experts have proven experience in implementing and supporting digital transformations. We work with you to uncover your organization’s needs to grow and thrive. By utilizing our Controlled Agile Approach ™ and bringing in different parts of our digital ecosystem, we adapt and optimize Salesforce to your exact specifications so you can achieve your ambitions.

Controlled Agile Approach™: Your Path to Salesforce Excellence

Embrace the journey towards digital excellence with Customer Link. Our Controlled Agile Approach ™ is finely tuned to the unique rhythm of your organization.

Discovery & Analysis

Our journey begins with a thorough discovery analysis of your current systems, workflows, and stakeholder relationships. Designed to deliver a clear overview of your as-is situation, we pinpoint areas for enhancement and synchronization with new digital tools. We also explore and suggest new possibilities within your Salesforce environment. Equipped with this knowledge, we introduce your team to Salesforce, providing training to lay the groundwork for successful adaptation.

Technical Requirements and Detailing

Our process continues with a detailed technical analysis, addressing every detail to ensure a flawless Salesforce launch. We examine all the technical nuances and prepare for a smooth implementation that aligns with your strategic vision. In partnership with your team, we propose precise functionalities to achieve seamless configurations and integrations into your daily operations.

Implementation via Sprint Cycles

We adopt a modular approach, breaking down the implementation into sprint cycles. Starting with a kick-off, followed by hands-on implementation, and culminating in Sprint Acceptance Testing.

Go-Live and User Training

The implementation phase ends with the Go-Live and adoption training for End-Users and Administrators. We conduct training sessions to equip your staff with practical know-how on utilizing the Salesforce platform effectively and confidently.


Why choose Customer Link for Salesforce Implementation?

By integrating the proven steps of our Controlled Agile Approach™, Customer Link assures a transformative journey that blends best practices with a tailored strategy for enduring success.

Analytical Foundation

We don’t just start; we begin with understanding and analyzing your processes to craft an implementation plan that understands your workflow.

Functional Technology

By understanding your business processes and synching them to the technical reality of your CRM, we implement technology that works with you – and for you!

Custom Collaboration

Our controlled agile methodology ensures that our Salesforce implementations are not just solutions, but strategic assets tailored to your organization.

Future-Forward Partnership

Opting for Customer Link is choosing a long-term ally. Our vision extends past immediate implementation to ongoing adaptation, ensuring your Salesforce solution remains robust and relevant for the future.