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Creating your Links

When it comes to integrating data from across your organization to create real-time customer magic, Salesforce is the world’s number 1 choice. And Customer Link is your best choice as your Salesforce partner.

Implementing Salesforce

At Customer Link, our passionate experts have proven experience in implementing and supporting digital transformations. We work together with you to uncover what your organization needs to grow and thrive. By utilizing our controlled agile approach and bringing in different parts of our digital ecosystem we tailor Salesforce to your exact specifications, so you are free to achieve your ambitions.

Controlled agile approach

Our controlled agile approach empowers you to maintain control, injecting flexibility into the change process and minimizing potential resistance. We follow a change roadmap based on your needs. This starts with a comprehensive analysis of your current working processes, followed by introductory training, functional requirement research, digital landscape and technical analysis, implementation, and validation.

Beyond Salesforce implementation

Implementation is not the end of the story. We build long-term partnerships with our customers, taking them beyond their implementation to maximize the return on Salesforce thanks to relevant training, increased knowledge within your organization, and collaborative thinking about new possibilities and future goals.

Continuous development

Your organization never stops evolving, which means your Salesforce platform can’t sit still either. Together with you, we consider the future, discuss plans for the next development phase, suggest ways to introduce new features in your platform, share best practices to optimize efficiency, and more. The result is a continuously developing Salesforce platform that meets your needs, today and tomorrow.

Change management

While the implementation of the Salesforce CRM tool is the focus of your digital transformation, its success relies on the adoption of related processes and other ways of working. Comprehensive training, hands-on practice, and continuous learning after delivery are all essential for keeping your CRM tool up-to-date and relevant for years to come.


Whether your employees have prior experience with Salesforce or not, training is always recommended to ensure everybody has the skills and knowledge they need to achieve the maximum possible results from the platform.
Our training programs are carried out at every stage of the process, from introduction to onboarding, go-live for both end-users and administrators, and continuous training for new changes, updated releases, and more.

Managed services

Our managed services and support portfolio give you the freedom to choose how you manage your new CRM system. From solving issues and bugs to a range of maintenance levels, our talented experts facilitate the management of your Salesforce platform.


Finding people with the right expertise and knowledge can be a challenge. With our consultancy program, we outsource IT professionals to your organization on a project basis.


Salesforce turns data into real-time customer magic

The Salesforce CRM platform effortlessly brings customer information together, turning it into meaningful insights. These empower your organization to deliver an improved customer experience that generates more sales and revenues.


By connecting marketing and sales via a 360° view with Salesforce, you can create a linked and personalized customer experience. This utilizes omnichannel marketing and is scalable as your organization grows.


The online sales toolkit optimizes every phase of your sales funnel, efficiently managing your potential and existing customers as well as providing real-time and high-quality information to support your decision-making process.


Depending on your exact needs, Salesforce can help you offer more personalized and efficient customer service, implementing smart dispatching to assign incoming work, monitoring SLAs and escalating as necessary, avoiding repetitive tasks and more.

Customer experience

Salesforce maximizes your customers’ satisfaction, driving positive customer relationships and generating new streams of revenue.