ECFS Obesitlutions is active in bariatric surgery. With the help of a personal and professional care plan, they guide patients to a healthy weight. Based on a discovery analysis, Customer Link mapped ECFS’ needs in terms of digitalization and support for their growing ambitions. Setting up Salesforce as a CRM tool and connecting it to a new app quickly proved to be the right match to meet their needs.

ECFS' digital ambitions

ECFS supports patients every step of the way to a healthy weight: from the practical arrangements for hotels, cabs, etc. to the professional aftercare on physical and psychological level. Support is provided almost every moment of the day by ECFS’ Care Managers.

ECFS succeeded in the past in following up on patients and providing them with quality support through organized Excel files. But it goes without saying that digitalization is here to stay, so ECFS doesn’t want to miss the boat.

With a clear vision of the growth they want to achieve in the coming years, ECFS dreamed of a central system that could also be linked to their own application. With such an app, they can be more timeless and in more direct contact with their patients.

Digitalization with Salesforce

We decided to join forces with digital product design agency Little Miss Robot from the Cronos family. Little Miss Robot took on app development, while we provided a central Salesforce set-up and app integration. For the app authentication, we also set up an Azure & Firebase integration.

Thanks to the Salesforce CRM implementation, a database is built and maintained, and it is now possible for ECFS to:

- Send informative push notifications from Salesforce to the app

- Start and have chat conversations with patients

- Publish knowledge articles in various languages and deliver them to patients through the chat feature

What after the implementation?

As with all our Salesforce implementations, we believe it is important that the ECFS team can work independently with the tool in the future. So, we gave them end-user and admin training.

In addition, we always remain available for ECFS through support. The possibilities of this project towards the future are infinite and by remaining available we can quickly respond when certain optimization needs arise.

Does your company have digital ambitions? We’d love to see how we can realize them together using Salesforce! Contact us and to explore the possibilities for your organisation.