If you are going to partner with a new company, you obviously want to know who you are going to do business with – and with whom better not. So, where exactly do you find that crucial company information? Tiago Fernandes, our Salesforce Technical Lead has the answer for you: Companyweb’s new Salesforce app.

Integrate Companyweb data directly in your software application

Companyweb is specialized in company information in Belgium and provides the most current and accurate company information on the market. Customer Link partnered with Companyweb to deliver a high-end solution for Salesforce users by integrating the Companyweb services with the leads and accounts from Sales Cloud. With the integration of Companyweb in Salesforce you will get insights into the risks, survivability, payment capacity, profitability, stability and other key factors of Belgian companies.

How does Companyweb’s Salesforce app work?

The Companyweb integration gives you access to current and reliable financial health information of Belgian companies. By just adding a VAT number to a lead or account, you can retrieve and store the information.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a VAT number. There is a search bar available to search by company name, which gets you a list of potential companies. Above that you can refresh the company information at any time: Companyweb keeps the company information constantly up to date. Furthermore, you can easily copy information from the Companyweb component into your Salesforce fields.

As always, we want to make your work easier with Salesforce. That’s why we built mechanisms in the Companyweb Salesforce app that ensure that when new leads and accounts with a VAT number are created in Salesforce, the company information is immediately available.

Download Companywebs Salesforce app

The application is not yet available on Salesforce AppExchange. But you can easily download the app yourself in your Salesforce environment thanks to our download guide. This way, you’re not dependent on your implementation partner and you can get started right away. Download your free trial here.

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